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Learning Tanya – through Niggunim:

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Tanya Ba’al Peh CD – Perek Vov!

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The Rebbe expressed his wish for us to learn the first 12 chapters of Tanya by heart.

All sorts of excuses come to mind: “Me? Study by heart? I can barely remember my zip code!” , “There’s never any time!”, “For me, it’s impossible!”

For anyone it is possible – with the new Tanya CD, featuring the first Chapter of Tanya, sung to the tunes of Niggunim and accompanied by lovely music and soft harmonies.

The songs are catchy! Listen to the tracks for a few minutes a day, even while you are doing something else, and before you know it, you will soon find yourself singing Tanya!

As you keep listening to the tracks, you will start noticing that the words are becoming familiar… and you will feel that you are well on your way to knowing an entire chapter of Tanya by heart!

This is a powerful way to help your children learn Tanya Ba’al Peh. Children soak things up like sponges when they come in the form of a song.Be prepared for the wonderful surprise of your 3-year-old singing Tanya words…

For elementary age students, these CDs will be an invaluable tool to help them accomplish their Tanya missions in the “Tanya in 5 minutes” program put out by Tzivos Hashem.

Whatever your motivation is, it’s time to start learning… “With the Tanya we will greet Mashiach!”


To suit all audiences we have added a boys version of this Tanya CD series. The girls and boys versions are both arranged by Racheli Jacks with music played by Mendel Jacks. Only the vocals differ.

Buy the Girls version – Sung by Racheli Jacks

Buy the Boys version – Sung by Mendel Jacks